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AFTE Committees

 AFTE Committees and their members can be found below. 

 Click on the titles of the respective committees to view their duties and procedures.

Are you interested in participating in an AFTE Committee? 


If so, e-mail your contact information, as well as any specific interests and/or specialized skills to Andy Smith.


The Committee for the Advancement of the Science of Firearm & Toolmark Identification

John Murdock, Chair
Luke Haag
Jim Hamby
Pete Striupaitis
Andy Smith
Brandon Giroux

Advisory Committee

Kathy Richert, Chair
Mark Keisler
Ray Cooper
Dan Gunnell
John Finor


Board of Admissions

Travis Spinder, Chair
Lannie Emanuel, 2nd VP
Evan T. Garrison
Dan Alessio
Bill Demuth


Dan Alessio, Chair
Eugene Bishop
Kathy Geil
Travis Spinder
Peter Striupaitis
Michael Ward


Eric Collins, Chair
Robert M. Thompson
Michael Neel
Don Mikko
Jodi Marsanopoli
Jason Flater
Dwight Deskins


Ed Wallace, Chair
Katharina Babcock
Jeff Goudeau

Editorial Committee

Cole Goater, Editor
Robert Caunt, Assistant Editor
Mike Haag, Assistant Editor
Bill Matty, Assistant Editor
Eric Collins, Assistant Editor

Russell McLain, Publication Sec. (printed)
April Kendrick, AFTE News Coordinator

Editorial Review Panel

Jason Crafton
Kim Haag
John Marshall
Kim Stevens
Gerard Dutton
Julie Knapp
Ron Nichols
Ed Wallace
Chris Gunsolley
Erica Lawton
Julie Red Leaf

Electronic Resource Committee

Erica Lawton, Chair
Adam Grooms, Co-Chair

Firearm Characteristics Database Sub-Committee

Jill Therriault
Bob Hart
Linzee Willette
Brian Parr
Megan Shaw
Jay Stuart
Eric Warren, Ph.D.
Charles Watson

Safety Recall List Sub-Committee

Mitzi Templeton




Quality Assurance Subcommittee

Sgt. Michael Lee, Chair
Jimmy Palma
Lauren Hollenbeck
Rusty Day
Dean Molnar
Samantha Harter
Jessica Bailey
Therese Moynihan

ARK Sub-Committee

Kent Weber, Chair
Scott Doyle
Brandon Giroux
Ed Wallace
Greg Klees
Andy Smith

Historical Committee

Helen A. Lake, Chair
Rebecca Smith


Jodi Marsanopoli, Chair
Laura Fleming
Erica Lawton

Member of the Year (Walter J. Howe Award)

Julie Knapp, Chair
James Looney
Kenton Wong
Stephanie Dees
Valerie Bernardi


Referee Lab Selection

John Mancini, Chair
Cindee Lorenzo
Kurt Zielinski
Jorge Bello

Research & Development

Michelle Fletcher, Chair
Rick Wyant
Eric Collins

Scholarship Committee

Erin Mulligan, Chair
Mike Giusto
Eugene Bishop
Ken Green
Torrey Johnson
Samantha Harter
Michelle Hunsinger

Sickness & Distress/Family Assistance  

Jill Dupre
(Sickness and Distress)
James Carroll (Family Assistance)

Committee members:
Lance Martini
Helen Lake

Committee Forum

Standardization/Training Committee

Bill Demuth, Chair

Glossary Sub-Committee

Amy Weber, Chair
Valerie Bernardi
Bongi Bishop
Katherine Castillo
Stephanie Dees
Ken Green
Stacey Hartman
Michelle Hunsinger
Daniel Jackson
Russell Karsten
Carlo Rosati
Marc Weber Tobias
Jane Whitworth

Training Manual Sub-Committee

Ashely Northcutt, Chair
Gerald Petillo (In Memoriam)
Susan Allen
Deion Christophe
Don Dunbar
Jennifer Floyd
Jodi Marsanopoli
Carolyn Martinez
Nicholas Mattia
Carey Muhlhauser
Jessica Winn

AFTE Seminar DVD Sub-Committee

Lauren Claytor, Chair
Dana Bonar
Gene Rivera

Technical Procedure Sub-Committee

Erin Mulligan, Chair
Rafael Perez
Donnie Finley
Jessica Copeland
Kurt Zielinski
Susan Kim
Robert Thompson
Steve Deady

Steve Molnar Award for Key Person of the Year

Sarah Yoshida, Chair
Carl Rone
Mike Appel
Jaco Swanenoel
Diane Matthias

Technical Advisors

Paul Szabo, Chair (Winchester)
Ken Green (SAAMI)
Ron Borgio
Fred Schmidt

Training Seminar Steering Committee

Adam Grooms, Chair
Jay Stuart, Co-Chair
Mark Keisler
Justine Kreso
Laura Fleming
April Kendrick
Jeff Goudeau

Website Committee

Jay Stuart, Chair
Scott Doyle
Jill Errickson

Forum Moderators
Bob Shem, Global Moderator
Matthew Clements
Charles Clow
Dwight Deskins
Chris Monturo
Justine Kreso
Amy Weber
Jill Errickson

Ad Hoc Committees

Professional Investor Committee (Expires 2016)

Jim Hall, Chair
Jim Carroll
Erin Mulligan
Jim Hamby
Gary Lind
Alison Quereau
Melissa Oberg
Loren Sugarman


Forensic Education and Resource Committee (FERC) (Expires 2017)

Kathy Geil, Chair
Angela Stroman
TL Price
Lynette Lancon


Ethics Enforcement Procedures (Expires 2017)

Anne Davis, Chair
Joe Saloom
Kathy Richert
Jamie Becker
Katharina Babcock


Other AFTE Positions

Legal Advisors

Lawden Yates, Primary
Joe Saloom

* Requests for modifications to the duties and procedures should be directed to the AFTE 1st Vice President.

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