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AFTE Scholarship Program

AFTE awards $2000.00 annually to students seeking a career in Forensic Science. Applications will be reviewed and recipients chosen by the Scholarship Committee prior to the annual AFTE Training Conference.

Scholarships granted will be for the school year beginning on or about the following September. Scholarship renewals are not automatic; therefore, it will be necessary to apply every year for a scholarship. Scholarship funds approved will be sent directly to the applicant, payable to the applicant and the educational institution.

NOTE: The AFTE Scholarship is a financial award only.  We do not administer an instructional program. We do not teach courses in Forensic Science.


The AFTE Scholarship Committee will administer the program. The Committee Chair will acknowledge receipt of all applications by email and electronically post all applications in a secure forum on the AFTE website. The applications will be posted for review at least 30 days prior to the annual conference. The Scholarship Committee will review the applications and select the recipients of the scholarships.

The AFTE President will notify, in writing, the applicants that were approved for scholarships. The scholarship recipients will be requested by the committee chair to provide a photograph and a brief biography. The recipients of the scholarships will be announced at the annual AFTE Conference and the recipientís photograph and biography will be posted on the AFTE website.


  1. Scholarships will be granted on a merit basis, without regard to age, race, sex, religion, or country of origin.
  2. If there are sufficient qualified applicants each year, every effort will be made to give scholarships to students from different geographical locations.
  3. The quality of the applicantís narrative statement that explains why he/she decided to choose a career in Forensic Science
  4. Contributions of the applicant to the field of Forensic Science (if applicable).  Preference will be given to students moving toward a career in Firearm and Tool Mark Identification or working on a project related to firearm or tool mark examination.
  5. Recommendations of academic advisor(s), instructor(s) and employer (if applicable).

Applications are accepted between January 1 and April 1 of each calendar year.
Any applications received outside of this time frame will not be considered.

How to Apply


Applicants for scholarships must satisfy the following requirements:

ō  Applicants must be entering their third year or higher of a Bachelorís degree or enrolled in any year an advanced degree (MS, PhD, MD or comparable) program.

ō  The applicant must be enrolled as a half-time student or greater with the intent of seeking a career in Forensic Science and majoring in a natural, physical, or biological science.

ō  Minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent (76% or higher).


  1. Please download and read the Application Instructions prior to submitting any application materials.

Application Instructions (MS Word Document)

  1. All applications must be completed in English, and received no later than April 1st. Download the application, transcript form, and recommendation forms by clicking the links below.
  1. The Scholarship Application Form is to be completed and electronically signed by the applicant, the signature verification box checked, and emailed to the Scholarship Chair at

Application Form (MS Word Document)

  1. The Transcript form is to be completed by the Admissions Office or other appropriate college or university official. The applicant should provide a stamped pre-addressed envelope to those individuals completing this form. An official transcript and the completed Transcript Form must be mailed directly to the Chair.

Transcript Form (MS Word Document)

  1. The applicant must utilize the Letter of Recommendation forms in obtaining three (3) academic and/or employment references, as applicable. The applicant should complete (Part I) and email Part I and II to the appropriate individuals and have those individuals complete Part II. The applicant should ask those individuals providing recommendations to email Part I and II to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee prior to the April 1st deadline. If the applicant or persons providing recommendations need additional pages, please ensure that these pages are emailed along with the completed Letter of Recommendation Forms, prior to the April 1st deadline.

Letter of Recommendation Forms (MS Word Document)


  1. What if some of my documents are not in English?

Please submit an English translation of documents generated in another language. This would apply to official transcripts.

Application documents and letters of recommendation should be generated in English.

  1. Can non-US citizens apply?

Yes! We are an international organization based in the US. We encourage applicants of any nationality to apply.

  1. How is the award distributed?

The award is sent as a check drawn on a US bank and issued in US dollars. Some financial institutions may charge fees, as a result. These fees are the responsibility of the recipient, AFTE will not provide additional monies to cover the fees.



Ms Erin E. Mulligan


Forensic Programs

The link below provides a list of Forensic programs available throughout the world. If you know of any other programs that are available but are not listed; please encourage the schoolís program director to contact the American Academy of Forensic Sciences to have their program added to the list.

List of Forensic Programs  (This link provided courtesy of the AAFS)


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