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AFTE Legal Advisor

Requirements and Duties of AFTE Legal Advisor are generally as follows:


  • Must be a member of AFTE who is licensed and admitted to practice law in at least one state within the United States and the U.S. Federal Courts.

  • Memberships in other Professional legal societies is also beneficial.  Examples:  American Bar Association, Alabama Bar Association, Birmingham Bar Association, District Attorneys Associations, etc.

  • The Legal Advisor serves PRO BONO.


  • The Legal Advisor shall participate in any litigation involving AFTE as PRO HAC VICE, if authorized by the Board of Directors.

  • The Legal Advisor shall advise the Organization through its President and Board of Directors on any matters regarding legal questions that could affect the operation and well being of AFTE.

  • Goal of the Legal Advisor is to protect the Organization from litigation or unnecessary liability.

  • Requests for legal opinions or advice can come from the membership through a Board Member.

  • The Legal Advisor will review all legal work delegated to any assistants or staff.

Examples of questions for the Legal Advisor:

  1. Review  contracts on behalf of the Organization to ensure fairness, balance, and that requisite legal requirements are met;

  2. Advise the Organization as to liability incurred by actions of agents and officers;

  3. Assist in mediation of disputes between members or others as to insure due process requirements are met.

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