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Standardization & Training Committee

The Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners (AFTE), was formed in 1969 exclusively for charitable, scientific, educational, and testing for public safety purposes; and to improve and elevate the quality, integrity, and public image of the scientific crime laboratories within the meaning of Section 501(c)3, Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

To accomplish these purposes, the members of this Association pledge themselves to the following objectives:

A. To conduct and sponsor seminars involving the theory and practice of firearm and toolmark examination and its related subjects.
B. To foster the exchange of information between scientific crime laboratories on the improvement and standardization of the development of firearm and toolmark identification and techniques.
C. To publish and issue to members a journal covering the latest developments in firearm and toolmark examination.
D. To make unrestricted gifts to universities and those who are listed in the United States Internal Revenue Service Cumulative List.
E. To engage in the testing of firearms, components, ammunition, and examiners for the benefit of public safety.
F. To respond to requests from courts, judicial tribunals, executive and legislative branches of the government for the names of qualified expert witnesses in the field of firearm and toolmark identification.

William Demuth II, Chair

Glossary Sub-Committee

April Stowe, Chair
Valerie Bernardi
Bongi Bishop
Katherine Castillo
Ken Green
Stacey Hartman
Michelle Hunsinger
Daniel Jackson
Russell Karsten
Stephanie Luehr
Timothy McSpadden
Carlo Rosati
Stefanie Watkins
Amy Weber
Marc Weber Tobias
Jane Whitworth

Training Manual Sub-Committee

Ashely Northcutt, Chair
Jodi Marsanopoli
Jerry Petillo
Susan Allen
Don Dunbar
Carey Muhlhauser
Deion Christophe
Jennifer Floyd

Technical Procedure Sub-Committee

Brian Parr, Chair
Rafael Perez
Doug Lancon
Kimberly D. Haag
Angel Moses
Susan Lee
Robert Thompson
Erin Mulligan
Steve Deady



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