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Website Committee

Position-Specific Duties for AFTE Chairperson
Committee: Web Page


  • Maintain the AFTE web site on a day to day basis to include updates as needed in the following sections:
    • AFTE News
    • AFTE Business
    • Committee Postings
    • Job Announcements
    • Calls for help
    • Training Seminar Information
    • Potpourri
    • Member Roster
    • Miscellaneous Announcements
    • Forensic Links
    • Member and Public Forums
    • Any other necessary updates or additions
  • Conduct weekly backups of the web site data
  • Work with other members of the Committee and the Board of Directors on facilitating new features
  • Keep the Board of Directors informed of the cost of the web site and the increase in cost for new features if necessary
  • Any other duties necessary to maintain a viable and professional web site

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