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AFTE Journal Editorial Committee


Cole Goater, Editor
Kansas Bureau of Investigation
1620 SW Tyler Street
Topeka, KS  66612
Phone: 785-296-8235

Assistant Editors

Robert Caunt
William Matty
Mike Haag

Eric Collins

Editorial Review Panel

Chris Gunsolley
Brenda Lawrence
Julie Red Leaf
Kim Stevens
Angel Moses
Chris Monturo
Jason Crafton
Dean Dahlstrom
Todd Weller
Ed Wallace


Editorís Publication Manager (Printed Copy)

Russell L. McLain
Rockford Forensic Science Laboratory 
Phone: (815) 987-7419
Fax: (815) 987-7986 

To place orders for AFTE Journals, Journal Sets, Microfiche, Glossaries, or any other merchandise, please phone or e-mail Russ McLain.

AFTE News Coordinator

Charles Clow

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