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AFTE Journal Author's Publication Checklist


Please use this checklist as a guide prior to and during the drafting of a manuscript. Upon completing the draft, please complete the checklist and submit it to the editor with your materials. This form will help improve the quality of articles, case reports, and technical reports published in the journal.

Name of Author _______________________________________ Work Phone __________________

Title of Manuscript__________________________________________________________________

Authorís E-Mail Address_____________________________________________________________

Document Checklist

_____ Past AFTE Articles were used as a guide during creation of this manuscript.
_____ Manuscript was saved as an MS Word, Wordperfect file.
_____ No Photographs have been pasted into the text file.
_____ An ABSTRACT and Keywords have been included.
_____ References have been properly listed for all applicable sources.

Photograph & Chart Checklist

_____ All photographs are submitted as individual files (*.jpg preferred)
_____ Tables have been saved as separate files (excel) and NOT pasted into the body of the text.

Pre-submission Quality Review

With the exception of book reviews and letters to the editor, a manuscript review form is required as of January 2014. Submitted articles that have previously been reviewed by a peer typically have fewer corrections to be made by Editorial Panel Staff. Fewer corrections typically translate into less time in review. Please have persons who have reviewed your manuscript fill out Manuscript Review Forms.
If your manuscript has passed a departmental review process, please check the space provided.

_____ This manuscript passed my departmentís literature review process prior to submission, and documentation included (Manuscript Review Form preferred).
_____ This manuscript has been peer-reviewed prior to submission, and the Manuscript Review Form included.
_____ Submitting my paper for pre-submission peer review would be an inordinate hardship, and I would like to request an exception on the following grounds:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________  

Submission Deadlines

All manuscripts are published on a first-come first served basis. The editor reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity and space without contacting the author. If you wish anything returned to you, include a note with a request for what is to be returned, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please submit all items to the editor at the address listed on the Editorial Committee page.

Author Publication Checklist (Word Doc)

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