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2006 - Monday June 26

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Morning Session

Business Meeting







6:30 AM  Breakfast

Exhibit Hall

9:00 AM  Opening Ceremonies

Honor Guard

Robert Hathaway, Chair,
AFTE 2006 Host Committee

Dom Denio, AFTE President

Douglas Painter, President/CEO of National
Shooting Sports Foundation


MMC Grand Ballroom

10:00 AM Break Exhibit Hall

10:30 AM NFSTC Update: Firearms CD-ROM Initiative

Dr. Katy Savage,
National Forensic Science Technology Center, Largo, FL

David Epstein,
National Forensic Science Technology Center, Largo, FL


MMC Grand Ballroom


The NFSTC is working via a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association of Firearms and Tool Mark Examiners (AFTE) to develop a training program for newly hired and current Firearms Examiners.

The use of a technology-based-training (TBT) approach offers an engaging format to capture attention and to increase trainee comprehension. It is anticipated that this approach will streamline and standardize the training of firearms examiners, thus allowing for the effective allocation of available funds to reach the maximum number of interested parties.

  • Formatted in a knowledge-based CD-ROM containing theoretical and academic content
  • Supplemented with photographs, graphics, animations, and other multimedia tools to enhance learning and hold the attention of the trainee
  • Comprised of a series of modules corresponding to the current AFTE training manual
  • Appropriate for use in an academy or laboratory setting with an accompanying practical training guide
  • Reviewed extensively by a panel of reviewers appointed by AFTE
  • Accompanied by a digitally formatted revision/update of the existing AFTE training manual of skills and abilities as a complement to the knowledge based CD (will be made available upon request from AFTE)

The Firearms Analyst technology based training product will be available at no cost to forensic laboratories involved in firearms identification for law enforcement agencies.

The initiative was described in a preliminary form to AFTE last year at the training seminar. This year we wish to provide updates on the progress of the project and refinements made to the process in response to comments made by the AFTE membership.

Also presented will be an overview of NFSTC and other programs offered at no cost to the forensic science community.

11:10 AM What’s New In Ammunition

George Kass, Forensic Ammunition Service
Okemos, MI

MMC Grand Ballroom
  This presentation will cover the latest updates in headstamps, new calibers and ammunition.  The latest industry standards will be discussed.

11:30 AM 2006 SWGGUN Update

Peter Striupaitis, A & P Training Consultants
Palos Heights, IL

MMC Grand Ballroom
  This is an informational update on the Scientific Working Group for Firearms and Toolmarks.  The presentation will include a brief history of the working group, current Board members, objectives, committees, and the documents/guidelines approved and available for peer review.

11:45 AM Recall / Safety Warning List Update

Dom Denio, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Firearms/Toolmarks Unit, Quantico, VA

MMC Grand Ballroom
  The firearm and ammunition recall/safety warning list is updated annually by Dom Denio.  He will discuss how to use the list as well as the criteria for inclusion of a recall or warning.  Copies of the 2006 update will be available to all members in good standing.

11:55 AM AFTE 2007 Training Seminar Update

John Sanchez, San Francisco Police Department
Criminalistics Lab, San Francisco, CA

Andy Smith, San Francisco Police Department
Criminalistics Lab, San Francisco, CA

MMC Grand Ballroom
  This update will give attendees a preview into next year’s AFTE Training Seminar in San Francisco, CA.

12:00 PM Lunch (Provided)

Exhibit Hall

1:30 PM AFTE Business Meeting  

AFTE Business Meeting

AFTE President Dominic Denio called the AFTE business meeting to order at 1:30 PM.  All board members were present.  The Sergeant of Arms, Pete Striupaitis, determined that a quorum of voting members were present.

Walt Dandridge, AFTE Treasurer presented the AFTE financial statement and declared that AFTE was on very good financial standing. 

Various committee chairs presented their annual committee reports.  Jack Dillon, Nominating committee chair, presented his committees proposed BOD slate for the next year.  The slate was voted on by the membership and accepted.  New to the BOD as Member-at-Large is distinguished AFTE member John Finor.

The Bylaws Committee announced a proposed bylaws change that involved wording related to the Provisional Membership application process (Sec. 2, A-d).  This change to the wording was proposed can be seen below.  Deleted text is in red and added wording is in blue.

submit letters of recommendation from three (3) Regular or Provisional Members of the Association. In the event the applicant for membership is unable to obtain letters of recommendation from three (3) Regular Members, a letter of explanation shall be attached to the application indicating the reason(s) the recommendations are not available to the applicant. In the absence of three regular members who are knowledgeable enough to comment on the merits of the applicant, the Board of Admissions may consider recommendations from Provisional members of the Association, judges, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, and/or the equivalent

This change was voted on by the membership and passed.

Matt Noedell, AFTE Editor, gave his report and announced that the Spring Journal has been sent to the printer and should be delivered within the next two weeks.  Matt also requested that membership submitting articles in WORD doc format should also submit any imbedded images as separate image files also.  Matt also mentioned that articles need not be 30 page dissertations and members are encouraged to submit small one or two page summaries of interesting cases or other subjects of interest.

Some of the Committee reports given are listed below.

Secretaries Report

Nominating Committee

AFTE 2007 Host Committee

Referee Lab Committee

Sickness and Distress/Family Assistance Committee

Standardization Committee

Planning Committee

Website Committee

Electronic Records Committee

Certification Committee

Historical Committee

Journal OCR Committee

Editorial Committee

Bylaws Committee

Research and Development Committee

The Business meeting adjourned to be continued at the Thursday night banquet.


Workshop Sessions

Time   Topic & Presenter Area/Room

6:30 PM

Basic Mathematics Applied to Shooting
Scene Reconstruction

James Kwong, FDLE
Tampa Regional Crime Laboratory
Tampa, FL

MMC Meeting Room 1
  Objective: To determine angle and distance by using geometry and trigonometry.

6:30 PM Potential for Errors in Cartridge Case Identification

Beta Tam, Los Angeles Police Department
Los Angles, CA

MMC Meeting Room 2

Objective :


Provide the participants with a visual exposure on marking found on fired cartridge cases which would be problem for identification or elimination.

The workshop consist of five parts:

  1. Variations in Firing Marks from the same firearm
    The part includes a Visual presentation on variations in firing marks from the same firearm, with a discussion on the possible explanations of their formation. These variations in firing marks could result in eliminating possible hits in a NIBIN correlation.

  2. Manufacturing Marks & Non Firing Marks
    This part would provide an overview on all the published or non-published manufacturing marks. Some of these marks could affect correct identification.

  3. Subclass Characteristics
    This part would discuss some sub-class characteristics and possible ways to tackle this problem.

  4. Chamber Marks
    This part would discuss the variations and characteristics of Chamber Marks.

  5. Other Discussions
    This part would include other discussion, such as possibility of firearm model recognition and other firing marks not included in Part I to IV.

The workshop would benefit newer firearms examiners but experienced firearms examiners are welcome and could provide a lot of input during discussions


7:00 PM

Hi-Point Firearms Familiarization Course

Tom Deeb, Hi-Point Firearms, Mansfield, OH

MMC Meeting Room 2
  Tom will discuss the Hi Point product line as well as the assembly/disassembly, serial number system and the manufacturing processes of his company along with how to contact Hi Point for support with questions



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