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2012 - Thursday June 28th

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Banquet Slide Show

Banquet Awards/Summary

Welcome - Jennifer Cooms & Justsine Kreso, Conference Co-Chairs


Opening Remarks - Dan Gunnell (Out-going President)


Recognition of the Past Presidents - Dan Gunnell

Past AFTE Presidents in attendance were:

Charles R. Meyers (1970-1971), James E. Hamby (1982-1983), Lucien C. Haag (1985-1986), Anthony L. Paul (1988-1989), David J. Brundage (1990-1991),
Peter P. Striupaitis (1999-2000), Robert J. Shem (2002-2003), Dominic Denio (2005-2006), Carlo J. Rosati (2007-2008), Thomas L. G. Price (2008-2009), John Finor (2010-2011)


AFTE Member of the Year (Walter Howe) Award - presented by Judge Barbara Howe

Charles Clow

Key Person of the Year (Steve Molnar) Award

Charles Clow

Distinguished Member Award
presented by
Dan Gunnell

Robert Thompson, Kristin Gerber, Dan Alessio, Mike Neel, Jan De Ceuster, Eric Collins

Recognition of Host Committee
presented by
Dan Gunnel

Presidentís Acknowledgements & Remarks
- presented by
Dan Gunnell

Robert Walsh, Loren Sugarman, Andy Smith, Wendy Gibson, Jim Hall, Larry Paul

AFTE 2012 Best Technical Presentation Award - presented by Dan Gunnell

Alicia Welch

Introduction of Incoming President - Dan Gunnell

Ray Cooper, AFTE President

Calvin Goddard Award - presented by Robert Walsh, CEO, Forensic Technology, Inc.

Lucien C. Haag


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