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AFTE 2012 - Sunday June 24th

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8am to 5pm

Subclass Workshop

Grand Ballroom B

8am to 5pm

Ricochet Workshop

Grand Ballroom A

8am to 5pm

Colt AR-15 Armorer's Course


8:30am to 3:30pm

Ruger LCP Armorer's Course

Genesee Room

8am to 5pm

Shooting Reconstruction Workshop

Off-Site/Grand Ballroom F & G

10am to 12pm

IBIS Correlation Review Workshop

Grand Ballroom F & G

1pm to 3:30pm

Redding Reloading Workshop

Delaware Suites

3pm to 9:30pm


Coat Check/Registration Area


6pm to 8pm

Welcome Reception - Part 1 | Part 2
Sponsored by Forensic Technology, Inc. Bistro



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