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  2013 First-Time Attendees



Tom has again graciously donated meeting registration fees for 15 first time attendees to an AFTE Training Seminar. In order to take advantage of this offer, you must be a first time attendee and you must fall into any one of the following three categories:

  1. You are an AFTE member in good standing, or

  2. The membership secretary must be in receipt of your application, or

  3. You are someone working in the field of Firearm Identification who would like to know more about our association.

Your supervisor or co-worker (preferably an AFTE member) must write a letter on your behalf stating that you will be attending the meeting and that your employer will not pay 100% of the cost. The letter should also state what, if anything, your agency will pay for. 


Please be aware that the donation by Tom only covers Registration Fees.  Attendees selected are still responsible for food, travel, and lodging and any workshops that they might like to attend.


If you would like to be considered and meet the above criteria please send your letters and applications to:


Jay Stuart:

You will be notified, via email, if your registration fees are paid.



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