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 AFTE Distinguished Member Referral List

The following list is provided to individuals requesting the assistance of a firearms/tool marks examiner in private casework. This list gives pertinent information about the individuals as well as the various types of forensic examinations they conduct based on the listing of Service Codes


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Distinguished members wanting to be added to this list or who need to update their information, please go here.


   North East

Richard R. Arnold
Maine State Police Crime Lab (Ret. Dir./Lt. Dir.)

124 Lakeshore Dr.
P.O. Box 105
Belgrade Lakes, ME  04918-0105  USA
Telephone: 207-458-2623
Service Codes:

Stephen M. Deady

New Jersey State Police/Ocean Co. Sheriff

200 Siloam Road

Freehold, NJ  07728

Telephone: 732-414-1427


Service Codes: ABCDEFGK; Firearms/Tool Mark Identification Training and International Cases


Terry R. Eaton

Independent Forensic Consultant

180 Amber Lane

Huntingtown, MD  20639

Telephone: 301-855-7259


Service Codes: ABCDEFG; Firearms/Tool Mark Identification Training and Peer Review and Crime Scene Investigation


John M. Finor

Finor Forensic Consulting LLC

P.O. Box 302

Eagleville, PA 19408

Telephone: 215-669-2250


Service Codes: ABCDEFG


Roy J Gallant
Maine State Police Crime Laboratory
72 Guptill Road
Belgrade, ME 04917
Telephone: (207) 495-3566
Service Codes: ADEFG


Robert A Hathaway
Firearms & Tool Mark Examiner
60 Hillcrest Drive
Vernon, CT 06066-4206
Telephone: (860) 872-2132
FAX: (860) 872-2132
Service Codes: AB


Carl Hildebrandt
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1451 Plumtree Road
Springfield, MA 01119
Telephone: (413) 783-2795
Service Codes: C;
3D design of components and manufacturing processes


Robert H Kennington
After April 15:
541 Forest Road
Wolfeboro, NH 03894
(603) 569-4483 -Also

FAX (Likely busy between 6 AM-9AM, 7PM-10PM)
After about November 10:
484 Lake Francis Road
Lake Placid, FL 33852-6190
(863) 699-5725 (In use after 7 PM - Call early)
Service Codes: ABCFJ; Firearms identification - handguns only. Matrix identifications from fired evidence. Stippling patterns. X-ray caliber determinations. Serial number restorations (any surface).


Robert T. Levine
121 Virginia Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Telephone: (412) 366-7397
Service Codes: ABCDFGJ; Criminalistics, Crime Scene reconstruction


Nicholas Mattia & Associates Inc.
1A 3rd Street
Bayville, NY 11709
Telephone: (
917) 239-2501

Service Codes: ABCDFG; Nicholas Mattia & Associates Inc. offers instruction and professional development seminars in Firearm & Tool Mark Identification


Marshall K. Robinson
937 Prospect Road
Cheshire, CT  06410
Fax: same
Service Codes: ABHK
Web site:


Gerald R Styers
Forensic Consultant
86 Brittney Lane
Reedsville, PA 17084
Telephone: (717) 667-9555
FAX: (717) 667-9555
Service Codes: ABCDEFG



Jamie Becker
Firearms & Toolmark Examiner
Tarrant County Medical Examiners Crime Lab
200 Feliks Gwozdz Place
Fort Worth, TX 76104 USA
Telephone: (817)-920-5700 x179
FAX: (817)-920-5719
Service Codes: ABCDEFGK; Suspect Hail Damage, Court Transcript Review


David J Brundage
Independent Examiner
2541 Belle Brook Dr.

Franklin, TN 37067
Telephone: (615) 283-8896 or (317) 490-1199

Service Codes: ABCDEFGIJK; Shooting Scene Reconstruction, Photography


Charles M. Clow
Senior Forensic Scientist - Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Crime Laboratory
200 Feliks Gwozdz Place
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Telephone: (817) 920-5700 Ext. 8382
FAX: (817) 929-5713
Service Codes: ABCDF


William E Conrad
Conrad Enterprises
1303 Stoney Creek Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Telephone: (540) 898-3733
FAX: (540) 845-0344
Service Codes: ABCDEFGI


Ann Lee Davis

Integrity Forensics

2545 Bellwood Road

Richmond, VA  23237

Telephone: 894-512-5785


Service Codes: ABFG; Vehicle Lamp Examination, Case and Transcript Review, Quality System Review


John H Dillon Jr.
Forensic Consultant
7007 Trails End Road
Manassas, VA 20112
Telephone: (703) 791-5559
FAX: (703) 791-6712
Service Codes: ABCDEFGK; Will handle foreign and domestic (U.S.) civil and criminal matters, training, training needs assessment and laboratory program evaluations


Lannie G. Emanuel
Southwest Institute of forensic Sciences
5230 Medical Center Dr
Dallas, TX 75235-0728
Telephone: (214) 920-5979
FAX: (214) 920-5896
Service Codes: ABCDEFGHJ


Richard N. Ernest
Independent Firearms Examiner/Laboratory Director
Alliance Forensics Laboratory, Inc.
6058 East Lancaster Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76112 USA
Telephone: (817)-228-6526
FAX: (817)-498-6375
E-mail: or
Service Codes: ABCDEFGHIJK; Shooting scene reconstruction, serial number restoration, cartridge case ejection pattern testing, advanced toolmark identifications, trace evidence examinations relating to firearms evidence & shooting scene reconstructions


Ronnie Freels
Forensic Scientist
85 Wedgwood Dr.
Shelbyville, KY 40065
Telephone: (502) 633-2372
FAX: (502) 633-2372
Service Codes: ABCDEFGJ available for case review


Billy J Hornsby
Independent Examiner
4735 East Bay Drive
Panama City, FL  32404
Telephone: (850) 890-0720
Service Codes: ABCDFG


Edward E. Hueske
Forensic Training & Consulting, LLC
350 Anderson County Rd. 3582
Palestine, TX 75803
E-mail: /
972-898-7497 (Cell)
903-723-3612 (Office)
Service Codes: ABCDEFGJK; Trace evidence, crime scene investigation, shooting reconstruction


Terrance A. LaVoy
Independent Examiner
9812 Rolling Circle
San Antonio, FL 33576
Telephone: 813-545-9905
Service Codes: ABCDEFJ


Ed Love
Firearm & Toolmark Examiner
19443 Mill Oak
San Antonio, TX 78258
(210) 497-1021      
Service Codes: ABCDEFG

Cleon C Mauer
M & M Forensic Consultants, Inc.
148 Nelsons Drive
Bracey, VA 23919
Telephone: (434) 636-2453
FAX: (434) 636-2531
Service Codes: ABCFGK; Vehicle lamps - on or off


William S McBrayer
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Crime Lab
601 E. Trade St
Charlotte, NC 28202-2940
Telephone: (704) 353-1068
FAX: (704) 353-0088
Service Codes: ABCDFHJ; would prefer civil type cases


Charles R Meyers
Independent Examiner
215 Stone Ave
Jefferson, NC 28640
Telephone: (336) 246-5938
Service Codes: ABCEF


Don Mikko
Forensic Firearms Training Seminars Inc.
2892 Rex Road
Ellenwood, GA 30294
Telephone: (678) 371-8478

FAX: (678) 884-5597


Service Codes: ABCEFGI; Training Courses including two-year formal Firearm and Toolmark Identification Student Training; Basic/Advanced Firearm and Toolmark Identification; Serial Number Restoration; Firearm Injuries and Distance Determination; Shooting Reconstruction and OPFOR Military Training


Carlo J. Rosati
Firearm/Toolmarks Examiner Inc.
9 Toliver Lane

Stafford, VA 22554
Telephone: (540) 940-3060
Service Codes: ABCDEFGJK; Serial Number Restoration, Auto Theft, Terrorism


Ronald L Singer
Tarrant County Medical Examiners Crime Laboratory
200 Feliks Gwozdz Place
Ft. Worth, TX 76104-4191
Telephone: (817) 920-5700 x176
FAX: (817) 920-5719
Service Codes: ABCDEFGJ


George W Stanley
Forensic Firearm & Toolmark Consultant
55 Mackey Rd
McDonough, GA 30252
Telephone: (678) 432-6348
Service Codes: ABCDEFGI Civil Cases


I. C. Stone
Forensic Scientist
2608 Royal Birkdale Dr.
Plano, TX 75025
Telephone: (972) 396-5420
FAX: (972) 396-5817
Service Codes: AEFG


Jimmie D Thompson
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Crime Laboratory
3228 Gun club Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
Telephone: (561) 688-4217
FAX: (561) 688-4310
Service Codes: ABCDFGJ


Raymond S Voorhees
Consultant in Forensic Science
3015 Donnington Court
Jeffersonton, VA 22724-1731
Telephone: (540) 937-4835
FAX: (540) 937-4154
Service Codes: ABCDEFIJK; Improvised explosion device reconstruction/analysis


Michael S. Ward

Technical Leader/Senior Forensic Scientist

Fort Worth Police Crime Laboratory

3616 East Lancaster Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76103

Telephone: (817) 392-4519

FAX: (817) 392-4517


Service Codes: ABCDEFGK; Case File Review, Court Transcript Review and Testimony Review, Crime Scene Investigations & Shooting Scene Reconstruction, ISO Accreditation Procedures for Firearms & Toolmarks




Stanton O Berg
Firearms Consultant
6025 Gardena Lane NE
Minneapolis, MN 55432
Telephone: (612) 571-9314
Service Codes: ACDEF


John C. Cayton
Chief Criminalist
Clinton County Sheriff’s Office
1325 S.W. Wamsley Road
Osborn, MO 64474-9119 USA
Telephone: (816)-449-2752
FAX: (816)-449-2122
Service Codes: ABCDEFGHIJK; Knife Cut, Puncture Wounds, Bare Foot Print Exams, Forced Entry, Crime Scene Review/Reconstruction, Case Backlog Contract Service, Air/BB Gun Examinations

Brandon Giroux
Giroux Forensics, L.L.C
Northville, MI 48167
Telephone: (
248) 762-5731

Service Codes: ABCDFGK; Forensic Firearm and Toolmark Research Consultant; Forensic Firearm and Toolmark Identification Student Training; Gunpowder and Gunshot Residue Training; Toolmark Microscopy Training; Case File Review; Daubert Admissibility Testimony


M. J. Kreiser
3112 Sequoia Drive
Springfield, IL 62707
Telephone: (217) 529-6572
Service Codes: ABCDEFJ


George G. Kass
Forensic Ammunition Service Inc.
4512 Nakoma Drive
Okemos, MI  48864
Telephone: 517-349-9362 or 517-204-4506
Fax: 517-349-8208
Service Codes:

David A. Lindman
5778 Hopecrest
P.O. Box 64
Nisswa, MN  56468-0064
Telephone: (218) 963-3983
Service Codes: ABCDEFG; Retired examiner from the Minneapolis Police Crime Lab

Monty C Lutz
Telephone: (414) 273-9811
Service Codes: ABCDFG


Kurt W. Moline
Riley Welch LaPorte & Associates Forensic Laboratories
St. Paul, MN  55128
Telephone: (517) 394-1512
Service Codes: ABCDEF; Case Reviews, Serial Number Restorations


Pete Striupaitis
Firearm & Toolmark Examiner
12524 So. Natchez Ave.
Palos Heights, IL 60463
Telephone: 773-259-2594
Service Codes: ABCDEFGI; Training of new trainees in firearm and toolmark identification and in evidence collection and preservation.



Patrick D. Ball
Forensic Firearm & Tool Mark Examiner
6985 Garden Valley Rd.
Roseburg, OR 97471-9565
Telephone: (951) 741-5680
Service Codes: ABCDEFGI
Additional email address:


Aaron Brudenell
Forensic Specialist
Tucson, AZ
Telephone: (520) 505-7671

Service Codes: ABCDEFGK; Peer Review, Case Analysis, Firearm Safety & Design Evaluation, Directed Research Assistance


Rocky Edwards
Santa Ana PD & Stockton PD
951 Innkeeper Lane, Unit D
Corona, CA  92881
Telephone: (323) 216-1584
Service Codes: ABCEF


Raymond Gieszl
Southwest Forensic Service
4416 West Paradise Lane
Glen Dale, AZ 85306
Telephone: (602) 938-5851
Service Codes: ABCEFGJK


Lucien C Haag
Forensic Science Services, Inc.
P. O. Box 5347
Carefree, AZ 85377
Telephone: (480) 488-4445
FAX: (480) 488-3838
Service Codes: ADEFG


Michael G Haag
Forensic Firearm Examiner
Forensic Science Consultants Inc
Albuquerque, NM
Telephone: (505) 401-6225
Service Codes: ABCDEFGK;
Training, Shooting Incident Reconstruction, 3D Laser Scanning


Michael Kelley
M K Forensics
8930 Independence Avenue
Canoga Park, CA 91304
Telephone: (818) 521-1761
Service Codes: ABCDEFGI


Gregory Laskowski
President/Chief Consultant

Criminalistics Services International, LLC
8021 Dottie Court

Bakersfield, CA 93308
Telephone: (661) 747-2961
Service Codes: ABCDEFGIK;
Crime Scene Reconstruction, Shooting Reconstruction, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Case Review


Garry R. Lawrence

Firearm & Toolmark Examiner

11732 N. Cassiopeia Drive

Oro Valley (Tucson), AZ 85737

Telephone: (520) 219-8445


Service Codes: ABCDEF


Lance Martini

Paradigm Forensic Services

PO Box 721750

San Diego, CA 92172-1750

Telephone: (858) 484-9566

FAX: (858) 268-8818


Service Codes: ABCDEFK; Officer Involved Shootings, Shooting Scene Reconstruction, Firearm Failure Analysis, Case Review


William Matty
300 S. Highland Springs Ave, Suite 6-C-308
Banning, CA 92220
Telephone: (951) 966-4497
Service Codes: ABCDEFG


Matthew Noedel

Noedel Scientific
13002 151st Street East
Puyallup, WA  98374
Telephone: 253-227-5880
Service Codes:
ABCDEFK; Officer Involved Shootings, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Case Review


Rocky S. Stone
Independent Examiner
741 South Highway 217
Tijeras, NM  87059  USA
Telephone: 505-286-0808
Service Codes: ABCDEFGJK: Crime scene reconstruction, Fracture (physical match) comparisons, Latent fingerprint comparisons

Jimmy L Trahin
Independent Firearms Examiner
14438 Cedarsprings Dr.
Whittier, CA 90603
Telephone: (562) 698-2674
FAX: (562) 698-2147
Service Codes: ACDEF


Dwight D. Van Horn
Forensic Firearms Examiner
1761 E. Foxborough Ct.
Hayden, Idaho  83835
Telephone: (208) 772-6703
Cell: (208) 699-1808
Fax: (208) 772-7903
Service Codes: ABCDEF

Gaylan Warren
Columbia Int. Forensics Lab
202 Casey Court
Newport, WA  99156-9363
Telephone: (509) 447-2067
Cell: (509) 991-3411
Fax: (509) 447-4184
Service Codes: ABCDEFJK; Shooting scene reconstruction, Blood spatter


Nelson E. Welch

Independent Examiner

6813 Augusta Hills Dr. NE

Rio Rancho, NM  87144-8487

Telephone: (505) 771-2878


Service Codes: ABCDEFJ


Rick Wyant
CRT Less Lethal Consulting, Inc
Forensic Scientist III
PO Box 1214
Snohomish, WA  98291  USA
Telephone: 425-238-9662
Service Codes:
ABCEK; Crime Scene Reconstruction, TASER, Conductive Energy Weapons, Less-lethal Impact munitions, Chemical Agents



Gerard Dutton
Allens Rivulet, Tasmania
Service Codes: ABCDEF





   Hong Kong

Chi Kung Beta Tam
Firearm and Toolmark Examiner
38A, Block 15, Carebbean Coast, 1 Ken Tung Road
Tung Chung
Hong Kong SAR
Telephone: (852)97270009

Service Codes:



  Service Codes

  1. Firearms Identification- basic comparison of ammunition/components with suspect firearms

  2. Tool mark Identification-basic tool mark comparison with suspect tools

  3. Firearms design, operability, defects, alterations and conversions, modifications and accidental discharge

  4. Cartridge manufacture and source determination of ammunition components

  5. External/terminal ballistics calculations/determinations (trajectory, ricochet, penetration, etc.)

  6. Distance determination (range of fire) from GSR deposits or pellet patterns on skin, clothing, or other objects

  7. Gunshot residue testing involving the chemical analysis for lead or nitrite residues, or instrumental analysis for elements/particles associated with GSR and/or primer residues

  8. Authentication of genuine relics and collectibles; detection of forgeries

  9. Locks, safes, alarm mechanisms, or security devices

  10. Footwear and/or tire track identification; basic comparison of impressions to suspect tires/footwear; determination of possible manufacturer of shoe/tire prints

  11. Any other related item - list examination type under comments




Note: The referral list is provided to requesting individuals with the following disclaimer:


This list represents a referral of examiners available to you as opposed to a recommendation or endorsement of any particular member. While these individuals are distinguished AFTE members in good standing, it is your obligation to evaluate their credentials, determine their ability to be of assistance, and negotiate fees, for the services sought.


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